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Kevin Kevorkian, MD

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The aging process can take a toll on the skin around your eyes, leading to sagging eyelids. You might also have puffy eyes or dark circles that affect your appearance and make you look tired or older. Kevin F. Kevorkian, MD offers eye surgery for patients in Beverly Hills, California, who want to correct eyelid problems and improve their appearance.

Eye Surgery Q & A

What is cosmetic eye surgery?

Cosmetic eye surgery refers to procedures that aren’t medically necessary and are mainly done for aesthetic reasons. Eyelid surgery, also known as an eyelid lift, corrects certain problems that typically appear as part of the aging process, such as crepe-like skin around your eyes or bags under your eyes. Dr. Kevorkian helps you determine which type of eye surgery would be best for improving your appearance.

Do I need upper or lower eyelid surgery?

It depends on the kinds of problems you’re hoping to correct. You might need surgery on only the upper eyelids or the lower eyelids, or you might end up needing surgery on both. Dr. Kevorkian will evaluate your appearance and determine which procedures would be the most suitable for you.

How is eye surgery done?

Eye surgery includes minimally invasive and traditional procedures. Minimally invasive procedures use smaller incisions and lead to a faster recovery time and fewer risks of complications. In some cases, traditional eye surgery is needed to correct more severe eyelid problems.

Am I a good candidate for eye surgery?

You're a good candidate for eyelid surgery if you’re in good health and don’t have any pre-existing eyelid conditions that could complicate the procedure. Good candidates for eyelid surgery are usually patients who want to correct problems such as puffy bags, sagging skin, or drooping eyelids.

Dr. Kevorkian also checks for any other conditions that might increase your risk of complications or slow the healing process.

What can I expect during eye surgery?

It depends on the type of eyelid surgery you’re having. Dr. Kevorkian lets you know whether you’ll need local anesthesia for your procedure, and roughly how long the operation should take. Minimally invasive eyelid surgery usually takes less time than traditional types of eyelid surgery.

Is eye surgery safe?

Eyelid surgery is considered safe for patients, although there are risks involved with any surgical procedure. Complications from eyelid surgery include having dry eyes, or being unable to close your eyelids if an excessive amount of skin is removed, but this is rare. Dr. Kevorkian lets you know more about potential complications of eye surgery.

If you’re wondering if eye surgery is right for you, please contact Kevin F. Kevorkian, MD to schedule a consultation.